What is bulk excavation?

2023/03/31 18:10

Bulk excavation is the removal of large amounts of soil, rock or other materials from a site in preparation for a construction project.

Excavation is often required for residential or commercial projects in order to level the land to the right level upon which foundations and structures can be built.

There are a variety of situations where extensive excavation is required, and there is a range of specialised equipment available to get the job done in the most efficient way. Read on to find out more.

When is bulk excavation required?

Bulk excavation is often required on construction sites where roads, railways, buildings, car parks and other infrastructure are being built. Precise site cutting is carried out in order to bring the land up to the level required for laying foundations and building structures.

What type of machinery is used?

The equipment suitable for bulk excavation work depends largely on the type of material to be excavated, the look and access to the site and the amount of material to be excavated and moved. If access is limited, smaller or zero-swing machinery will be required, while larger projects will require larger machinery. When bulk excavating on site, you'll often see other machinery working alongside the excavator, including tipper trucks, graders, bulldozers, rollers and more.

Where does the excavated material go?

If the excavated material cannot be reused on site to fill other areas, it is trucked away to be used as construction material.

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