About us

Shandong Dazhong Mechanical Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is located in Shandong Laicheng industrial Zone,which is a provincial economic development zone,and in the east is Binxin Expressway and in then west is Tailai Expressway and Ji-Lai-Qing Expressway.It only takes one hour's drive to Jinan Airport of forty minutes drive to Taian high speed railway station.We have enjoyed convenient transsport facilities and advanced geogtaphical position.

Our company was established on May 9th,2003.For the excellent technology and the honest business,we mainly produce sprocket wheel,idler,track roller,carrier roller,tooth,adapter,front lork and back seat of boom and arm,as well as bucket,which are matched with original equipment manufacturer of exacuator and bulldozer.We have three places of casting workshops,one piece of heat tratment workshop,one piece of finish machining workshop,one plece of welding workshop,two pieces of Alkai Phenolic Resin and producing lines,two pieces of Soluble Glass sand producing lines,two piece of full automatic intermediate frequency of hardening line,Vertical Machining Center,and many CNC lathes,By the way,We also have potical emission spectromorer,CMM,tensile testling machine,digital Rockwell hardness tester,portable magnetic particle detector,metallographic analysis machine,infrared thermometer,ultrasonic thickness gauge,casting sand tester.fluorescent magnetic detector,digital ultrasonic flaw detector,and so on.These lay a solid foundation for producing good quality products.

Our company has become one of the excellent match-production manufactures of the following OEM companies:KOMATSU,KOBELCO,SUMITOMO,KUBOTA,SANY,SHANTUI,LOVOL,DOOSAN,BERCO,ITM,LIEBHERR,JCB and so on.At the same time,we also acn produce the parts of CATERPILLAR,VOLVO,HITACHI,and CASE with OEM qulity.Our company boasts perfect matching facilities and rich technology.At present,our company is adopting advanced managerment method and production mean to produces first-class products.We can provide wide-variety and high-quality procucts.We strive for perfection,and we can meet marker demands.We will take the enterprise concept of "honsety,concreting,ploneering ",and striveto offer perfect products at low prives with qualified service.

LZ advocate science and technology,and craving new technology,new material,new science.The company prefers make friends with you,and as well as honest cooperation.

Shandong Dazhong Mechanical Manufacturing CO., Ltd.——is your best friend and sincere partner for ever.

Management idea:

(1) "people-oriented" humanistic management concept;

(2) "the credibility of the construction of the credibility of the building," the credibility of the project;

(3) "a product, a brand, a tree, a layer of credit extension market" concept of quality excellence;

(4) "concept of alarm bells ringing, safety first";

(5) "customer is God" business service concept;

(6) "play not to be bound, it is difficult to have a new world," the innovative ideas;

(7) "the development of enterprises, the development of the enterprise, the rise and fall of the enterprise and the rise and fall of the enterprise";

(8) "is not a forward or backward, not the development is backward," the concept of enterprise development.

Management standard:

(1) construction production standardization; (2) the decision making of the procedure; (3) management and data; (4) the marketing front;

(5) science and technology professionals; (6) team building human; (7) the image of the enterprise society; (8) the daily work quickly.

Shandong Dazhong Mechanical Manufacturing CO., Ltd.