13T Excavator Link

Description: KNV40960

Function:spare parts of excavator and bulldozer,support bucket,suitable for RM excavator


Heart treatment requirement: quenching and tempering


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Product Details

An excavator link refers to the individual sections of the track chain that connect together to form the continuous track system on an excavator. Each link consists of a metal bar with a hole on each end, which allows it to be connected to the adjacent links. The links are typically made of high-strength steel to withstand the heavy loads and abrasive conditions that excavators often operate in.

The track chain, made up of multiple links, wraps around the sprocket and travels along the rollers and idlers, providing traction and support to the excavator. The links are designed to engage with the sprocket teeth, allowing the excavator to move and maneuver effectively on various terrains.

The quality and condition of the excavator links are crucial for the machine's performance and durability. Regular inspection and maintenance are required to ensure that the links are properly lubricated, free from excessive wear or damage, and securely connected. Any worn or damaged links should be promptly replaced to prevent further deterioration and maintain the excavator's operational efficiency and safety.

In summary, excavator links are the individual components of the track chain that connect together to form the continuous track system. They play a vital role in providing traction and support to the excavator and should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure proper operation.

13T Excavator Link

13T Excavator Link

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